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Is Australia Banning Cosmetic Testing?


The Australian Government has made plans to ban cosmetic testing on animals, only if the  coalition are re-elected. If the coalition are not re-elected the chances of this happening is low. I am hoping that this will push the other governments to step up and give animals a voice. Let’s make this happen no matter what government is elected. We need to stand up for these animals who are forced into horrific situations that we would never put ourselves in.

The Australian view of animal cruelty is one large contradiction: 

I find it quite contradicting that animal abuse is punishable as a crime in Australia, but we are still allowing animal testing for cosmetic purposes.

According the RSPCA, these are the penalties for animal cruelty in Australia:

NSW 5 years* $22,000 for natural person

$110,000 for corporation

Crimes Act 1900,

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979

The positive outcome of this discussion:

The fact that abolishing animal testing is being discussed is a small step towards a more ethical approach to the cosmetic industry in Australia, however it is still a bit of a controversial subject.

Why is this only a small step?

Even though animal testing may disappear from Australia, please remember that these companies may still sell to countries that require testing or allow testing (for example China).

What do you think about this new topic of discussion circling the internet? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Is Australia Banning Cosmetic Testing?

    1. The coalition party is the ‘liberal party’ in Australia and are in fact a political party. This excerpt is taken from the Sydney Morning Herald “We look forward to examining the detail of the Coalition’s proposed legislation, and its proposed timetable for implementation’. A lot of Australian’s are assuming it is a done deal, when unfortunately, due to the research I have done, I do not believe it is… I wish it was though! I’m not one to usually talk about politics, but I feel like a lot of people have a false understanding of the matter.

      Read more:

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      1. Thank you for explaining that to me 😀 and providing the link! This def explains things for me. I’m glad they are making a move to abolish that practice and I’m with you a hundred percent. I really hope it goes through as well. I think the more countries that create that law the more countries that will follow and see that animal testing on cosmetics is completely unnecessary. I’ll be interested to see if it does go through!

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