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Shaving Your Face – Worth It?

Shaving your face, another phenomenon taking over the YouTube space. Let me start by saying, as someone who suffers from excessive hair on my face, I can’t help but shake my head at this trend.

I have now had laser removal that has been very successful, thank god, but prior to that I had to shave the hair to ensure for successful treatment. When I use the word shave, I don’t mean I got out shaving cream and a razor and went to town. There are specific ‘face shaving’ tools that you can use.

Here are my thoughts on shaving facial hair:

  • It 100% grew back thicker and darker. I can’t comment on peach fuzz as my hair was dark, however it was thinner before I shaved in comparison to after. It grew back really  thick, and caused ingrown hair due to the hair follicles being thicker and trying to make their way through my pores.
  • It was IRRITATING. My skin did not feel good during the process or afterwards.
  • It was a negative experience overall and I would not recommend anyone doing it.

What would I recommend instead?

If your hair/skin type qualifies for laser hair removal, DO IT! It is the best thing I have done in regards to hair removal. The process may be painful (depending on individual pain tolerances) however, the finished product is very satisfying. The money you pay to get the hair removed via laser is worth every dollar. Having my facial hair removed had the following positive outcomes:

  • Increased self- esteem: I no longer felt like people were staring at my facial hair. I do have to say that it wasn’t even that big of a deal, not a lot of people noticed it, however, I did and it made me feel uncomfortable.
  • Morning routine time slashed as I no longer needed to decide whether I needed to wax or shave (pre laser).
  • Overall, it was a great experience, not only removing facial hair, but also body hair.

If you do consider laser hair removal, please do your research and go to a reputable and registered clinic that have their qualifications. I go to eden laser clinics, as recommended by my dermatologist.

I am not 100% sure whether I am being hypocritical in recommending laser hair removal as it was most probably tested on animals prior to being available to humans. I do have to say I made the decision to get laser prior to deciding to convert to cruelty free. I now am looking into whether it is still being tested on animals and will update this space when I have enough evidence.

Of course, if you want to shave your face, go ahead…. however, please remember that there are other options out there. If you just have peach fuzz, I personally wouldn’t risk it purely due to the fact that you are giving it an opportunity to grow back thicker. If you have shaved your peach fuzz and have had a positive long term experience, let me know in the comments below.

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